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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ms.ZF Takes a trip to the ER!

Hi Friends,

Well my first few days have been exciting...

Shortly after I arrived Thursday, I started feeling really sick. I checked my temperature and had a fever, so I decided to go the emergency room and figure out what was going on. I arrived at the Tulane University emergency room on Thursday afternoon and was admitted around 8 PM. After many, many tests I was diagnosed with bronchitis.

I had to sleep over at the hospital, but since the hospital was full, I had to spend the whole night on a cot in the emergency room! It was awful. After about 36 hours I was discharged and checked in to a hotel to rest and recuperate for a few days. I feel much better now.

Tonight I plan to rejoin the group at the research station in the bayou. I am excited to get started on my research. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of the trip goes smoothly and that I continue to feel better.

Although being sick was not fun, it was a good lesson for me to remember that when your body talks to you, or tells you that it is not feeling good, it is important to listen. I am glad that I took care of myself and I look forward to healthy days in the future.

On with the adventure!


At October 26, 2009 at 10:48 AM , Anonymous Room 208 said...

Hey, Ms. Ziemke. Sorry to hear you had to spend a night in the ER. Glad to hear you're doing better. By informing us of your hospital visit, we had the opportunity to have a discussion on the critical flu epidemic going on now. Not that we’re glad you got sick. :) We hope the rest of your adventure goes smoothly.

We're sure this trip will add to your knowledge about caterpillars, parasitoids, and invasive species. Knowledge about ecology and what life is like in New Orleans sounds intriguing.

Here at Burley, we’re excited to hear that you’re studying such interesting topics. We’re studying some of the same things (ex: parasites). This trip will encourage us to learn more about our environment and how we can help. We hope you’ll gather enough research to find an answer to this problem.

Room 208


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